Collages, Mosaics, Inspiration Boards....I did it!

I have been excited about doing some inspiration boards for upcoming parties but just couldn't seem to figure it out...then my Photoshop program suddenly became 'corrupted' this week and I thought that might really stop me. But thanks to a friend of a friend, I was pointed in the right direction...thought I would share some of the collages I have done of the projects I have been working on over the past month! Can't wait to start on those inspiration boards!

What I realized....

Over the break, the kids and I had a chance to look at some pictures and it made me realize just how fast time has gone by. (the one above is from two summers ago in Rangeley) And I realized how much I've missed the kiddos the past month while setting things up on the computer (mostly from my computer illiteracy-if only I could tell you how many hours I have spent attempting the simplest of things! ) and creating all the goodies. Can't tell you how many times I have said "In just a minute" ..only to find they have fallen asleep waiting for me. Not that I don't enjoy EVERY minute I am playing with paper and creating but I realized that I will stick with my original plan and not set up the Etsy shop, or any online shop, til Jake is in school.

I am loving how busy I have been just by the amount of exposure I have had to this point and it's awesome! I look forward to continuing with all of your orders and doing your custom work...I am in the process of working on a BUG Birthday Party, many Teacher Gift Buckets for the end of the school year, several Baby Memory gift buckets...and even some notecards. Keep the orders coming!

So, please feel free to contact me on Facebook, at 207-208-7083 or and I look forward to helping in any way I can with your paper, prop and party needs!

Thank you so very much for all of your support!!


What a crazy week.....

What a crazy, busy week! Shauna and Jake were both home for their Spring Vacation so they really enjoyed making their own set of paper, menus, invitations! They had a blast and lots to show Dad when he came home each evening.
I had a productive week, as well! (Even if my camera broke and my Photoshop program was somehow 'corrupted'!) I worked on putting together five full sets of invitations. My packaging had arrived and I was very excited about putting them all together. Also had a chance to finish up spa and gardening gift buckets and some notecards. Quite productive and all over the place!
Check out some of the invitation packages that we did complete this week! And, as always, I can do anything custom that you can dream up! I am working on a BUG Birthday Party for a five year old in NC right now! FUN!

Slumber parties ~ at their best!

Wow!! While sitting in my pj's and sipping a cup of cocoa (no, not wine) last night....looking through some of my favorite blogs, I came across this absolutely FUN slumber party idea!! Makes me want to plan a slumber party for myself!
And, of course, while checking out all of pictures, I came across this incredible Night Owl Pajama Party, inspired by Party Wishes. Amazing!!!! Love the table! I have Scott hooking me up with a headboard and footboard now! All I can see, while looking at these pictures, is the smile on the children's faces! (click on the link below to check out the many pictures of this incredible party!)

Inspiration for Baseball Party

Originally, the kids and I were going to be in Florida over Scott's (my husband's) birthday but plans have changed and we will now be in town. It took us about two minutes to come up with the theme for his birthday cook out! BASEBALL!! After deciding that we will be doing a baseball themed get together for Scott's birthday in TEN days, the kids and I rounded up all of our baseball props and goodies to get us started in our planning! Think we are off to a great start!
Jake did pick out some baseball cards and popcorn holders at the Dollar Store.
Then imagine how happy I was to get on the computer and look for some inspiration and see this great baseball themed party featured on Simply Stunning Ideas. Cracker Jacks are a must! And I love the peanuts-as-decorations idea.

Shauna has also designed a cotton candy holder ~wait until you see the pictures! She has made cones out of red, white and blue cardstock, then cut circles in a piece of cardboard to hold the cones full of cotton candy. She then tied a string in it so that she can hang it off her neck-like they do in the stadium! Love her creative little mind!

What do we do with the boys?

What fun is life if you are not planning a party....or three?! Our answer to "What do we do with the boys for Shauna's Summer Fairy Party?" has been answered. You don't invite them ~ let them have their own party!
As I said in my previous post, we were supposed to be in Florida in the next few weeks where I would be attending a Tiki/Pirate themed party. I had purchased a treasure chest, coins, and beads....even edible metallic gold flakes to decorate cupcakes. When plans changed, I started to put those items away and then I remembered that just about four years ago Pottery Barn Kids was having a great sale guessed it...Pirate Party items. I purchased invites, placemats, a treasure map table cloth and a Pirate Party banner! I had no idea when I would be having this party since my son was only 1 year old, at the time, but I knew I would someday! Check out our stash ~
I love making my own invitations but I just can't beat these...the pirate ship 'sails' across the treasure map! And the big pirate ship thank you's are great.
How excited was I, in my search for further inspiration, to find such a great party via a feature on A Few of My Favorite Things. I found this party for 2 year old twins! Incredibly creative!

Spa Party 'Dessert' Table

Wow! Wow! Wow! You already know that I love my parties, props and paper and I love the a imagine a combination of ALL of those! Check this out ~
Swanky Chics shared this from Non Pareil Magazine ~ A spa party presented like a dessert table! Gorgeous! And bonus: Non Pareil Magazine has provided free downloads for all the labels, cupcake boxes, flags, etc! You know I'll be trying this VERY soon!

Good book and a cup of tea~

So excited to sit down in my pj's, with a cup of tea (in the new mug that came in the pkg), and look through the great book I just received in my incredible care package from Kelly. Can't wait to try some of the fun cupcake ideas!!
And Kel was sweet enough to include some goodies for Shauna...check out the cake lazy susan and bowls...ohhhh, the fun play dates ahead! (yes, Shauna and I have already made a deal to share everything!)
And she even hooked me up with some new JCrew flip flops for the season. These might not be making it to Bama Jam...think they may come back brown!
What a nice way to end a great weekend! (Oh yes, she didn't forget Jake..he got some goodies, too! Yes! I am spoiled by some wonderful friends!! Lucky me!)

Sweet dreams....

How crazy is it that I wake up thinking about yellow cotton candy? I hit the Easter aisle at Wal Mart a few days ago and found some spiral lolly pops and some yellow M&M's....50% off. Why not, right? No particular use in mind BUT if I were to remove the Easter pop on the front and just use the spirals, they would make a great bouguet centerpiece, surrounded by yellow M&M's?! And I am sure I can use the yellow cotton candy that I remember seeing ...hmmm...why didn't I think to pick it up that to WM!

It's Time.........

I do believe it's time to 'go public' with this blogging thing! I have spent the last few hours uploading some of my pictures of past parties. I was reminded of a few that I had forgetten about and will look for those tomorrow.

As I have said, I am hoping that you will enjoy this as much as I enjoy looking at and getting ideas from others. It will also be fun to share with everyone ~ all of those that may not be on facebook...Mom. :-)

Beyond working on invitation sets for The Playroom, the kids and I look forward to a Spring and Summer filled with party planning and fun get togethers. Jake is planning a Pirate Party (he has a lot to use since Mommy is not able to make it to her Tiki Pirate Party in West Palm Beach. Jake receives all the props not being sent down.) on the shore and Shauna is planning a Fairy Garden party in the woods! And of course, we can not forget Dad's Baseball Birthday Party in a few weeks...Shauna was writing out her To-Do List and Menu this evening!

Thank you to the many blogs I visit daily~ and I will be sharing all of my favorites with you ~ that have inspired me to get over my own nervousness and actually share with all of you.


Shauna's Sweet Shoppe ~ 7th Birthday

Shauna and I had so much fun planning for this party! She loves to bake ~ she would watch Food Network 24/7 if she could! She wanted her party to have something to do with cooking and I had been dying to use my cooking stamp that I had purchased a year earlier. This is what we came up with!

These are the bottles of 'champagne' that started a whole new adventure for us...Shauna's toast on her 7th birthday, with her 'champagne' was "Laugh loud, smile big"....that's a whole other blog!

There is a story behind the worries, we did not order that from a professional. As I said, Shauna is a Food Network junkie so she issued a Cake Challenge for her Dad and I and whoever won got to have their cake displayed at her party. Considering neither of us had ever played with fondant, we were quite proud of our lopsided creations! Dad won but I got to display mine because it matched better! lol
I think Shauna and Jake were most excited that I filled the wall sconces with pink marshmallows!
The girls decorated their own cupcakes and then had bakery boxes to take all of their goodies home.
Since Shauna wanted it to have a bakery feel, we set up small tables for the girls to eat the goodies. As you can see I made good use of the fabric I had planned on make each of the girls aprons with! I made table runners and window valances!

I do believe Shauna had the bakery experience she was hoping for!