I can't say enough about how beautiful our summer has been. Last year it was cold and rainy and this year, nothing but sunshine. I don't think you will find too many Mainers complaining as we start to enter fall.

And although I have been busy with my paper, glue and scissors, we have made it a point to get outside and enjoy it as much as possible.

Last weekend, we took a quick trip up to my uncle's log cabin in Rangeley, about 2 1/2 hours from here. It had actually cooled off a bit - as you will notice from the sweatshirts- but it was like a warm fall day. The kids toasted s'mores by the fire and the next day they played in the water and Scott and my uncle kayaked. It was one of those unplanned but great getaways!

When Shauna saw me on the hammock, she came running over and wanted to cuddle. I thought to myself that we would probably both end up upside down on the ground but we didn't! And the look on her face...what more could you ask for!!!
Ever have those little purchases that make you smile? I picked this up yesterday at TJ Maxx....I knew if I didn't I would be thinking about it for days. I have a little collection of mortar & pestles but not a classic granite with texture like this. Just a fun $10 purchase that makes me smile as I walk around the corner and see it next to my recipe box....
I could walk you through my home and show you little pieces I have picked up along the way, that no one else may notice, but they put a smile on my face when I walk in the room! Do you have those?
This was a shower I worked on for one of my mother's close friends. She has one grandson and this will be her first granddaughter. Initially, we weren't sure what the theme would be but Grammy knew she wanted PINK and GIRLY. And I think we accomplished that!
Custom Invitations with a banner, bottle wraps, toppers, pom poms and a frame to match.
Grammy, who is hosting the shower, will be putting an ultrasound picture of baby Christina in the frame for the shower. Then giving it as a gift to the parents.

I can't wait to see pictures of the shower~I have a few weeks to wait!

Ahhhh, August 1.....I have been telling myself for the last few months that I wanted to get back to my blog! So, today, August 1, it is!

It has been a crazy that I never would have predicted - both the wonderful weather we are experiencing in Maine and the crazy speed that my 'business' has taken off!
But while I haven't been updating you on here, I have been maintaining my Facebook page, LAUGH loud SMILE big and hopefully, you have been following me there, as well. I have also been working hard to get my ETSY site up and going. At this time I am mostly running Custom Orders through it but please keep checking as more items will be added.
As I said, I have been so pleasantly surprised with the reception my products are receiving and how patient my family has been with me. There hasn't been a day this summer that I have not had my cardstock, glue and scissors out and attempting to work on projects here and there due to the number of orders coming in. And at the same time, spending as much time as possible with the kiddos in the sunshine!! I have one more month to enjoy them both at home then one will head off to Kindergarten and the other, Second grade. I think that at that time my days will be consumed with paper, scissors and glue ~ missing my little buddies! And you will see a lot more of me on here!

Here are just a few of the projects I have been working on....
Baby Christina's Shower
Alexandra's Sweet Sixteen
Playdate at Mason's
I look forward to sharing lots more of my projects with you over the next few weeks! Don't forget to check out my FB page.