This is me!! Burlap, natural, fun.....Don't you just love the wine pillows from Ballard Design?
My Christmas tree skirt is simple....just a huge piece of burlap...most decorations are branches, berries, presents wrapped in brown get the idea! Then last year, I noticed the red and gold antiqued votives at Pottery Barn....and purchased them for my mantle! But within the last few months....I find myself drawn to everything that glitters, sparkles and shines! While at PB a few weeks ago, I kept going back to the display of antiqued mercury....I was 'good', though, and only came home with a few small votives..smaller than the red/gold from previous year and more know, easy to justify! lol
But I find myself going to the site (, every few days...picking out the pieces I must have, of that mercury line I left behind.....

And lucky me, Scott loves these glowing mercury balls...won't they look great by the fireplace??
I guess I had to share this because I find myself shaking my head wondering why I am crossing that line to the sparkly side. I joke that it is my 'old age'......I am not sure....but I look forward to mixing it up a bit this year.
I do know one thing for sure.....I will never stray too far away from my burlap and pine branches!

Are you noticing the pattern? I get on here once a season? I promise that it is not intentional and I do think about this blog daily! I am hoping that very soon, you will see a new logo and re-design of the blog.
A few months ago, when this all began, I truly had no idea what direction we would go in. And as you know at the time, I spent hours 'attempting' to set up a blog. I got the basics down but in the last few months, I knew I wanted/needed more. So I have passed those responsibilities on to those with more knowledge in that area and I will continue in my area of knowledge ~ paper, glue and scissors!!

Please continue to check back over the next month and you will see the changes! In the meantime, you can find me at!/pages/LAUGH-loud-SMILE-big/346204482977 and contact me at !
I am so excited to share my new logo and blog with you! Pictures of all of the fun projects I have had the opportunity to work on! And some of the goodies I am working on for the holidays!