Baby Stewart's Shower

Lux, from The Playroom asked me to work on a shower that she would be hosting for her close friend at The Playroom! When she told me the colors she wanted, I couldn't wait! These are the goodies I provided her with...cupcake toppers, banner, memory bucket, frame, favor Lux calls it "The Works"!

And this is the beautiful presentation that she created! The cake was a perfect match in color and pattern. And she packaged up cookies as favors.

The glowing guest of honor, Tori.
Lux did a great job! We are working together now on a Baby Girl Shower...can't wait to see what she does with it!

Just a few of the parties...

Don't want to overwhelm you....or myself! It is going to take some time to catch up on my lack of blogging over the past six months.

Alexandra's Sweet 16
Rachel's 2nd Monkey Birthday Celebration...

Sydney's 1st Birthday Celebration ~ a very special celebration of a little miracle. Wait til you see the pictures!

Shauna & Jacob's Gingerbread Cookie Exchange

Arianna's 2nd Birthday Tinkerbell Birthday
I will be sharing the pictures and all of the details from these parties over the next few days!

Jacob's 6th Birthday Baseball Party

Jake was was so excited about finally having his first 'real' party....he had a list of To-Do's that he carried around for over a month....what decorations he wanted, what games he wanted to play, his invite list. And almost daily, he would ask me why I was working on other people's parties and not his! Legitimate question for a 6 year old, right?
I found the team banner on clearance at Joann's. I cut out vinyl letters and added some ribbon. (yes, if you know me, you know a wrinkled table cloth or banner is a huge pet peeve...but believe me, I tried to iron! The banner is a foot shorter than when started...I melted it!)
With a December birthday, it was fun to incorporate the little tree and ornaments.
I purchased the invitations on Ebay. Jake chose to have Big Papi on his, over Varitek, and he couldn't wait to send them out!
Since the party was after school, we served hot dogs, chips, popcorn and only a few sweets..marshmallows, pretzels and cupcakes.

My husband has an enormous baseball card collection, so I asked him for a few boxes to set around as props.... he brought home five cases that are at least 3'x4' not what I had asked for but we certainly had our choice of what color boxes to use! (He informed me that it was only 1/5 of his collection!)
No worries, the Red Sox wine is just there for looks!!
All of the printables were purchased from Parties by Hardy on ETSY. I printed them out and the kids punched and cut! I did add the numbers to some of them. (I felt bad about all the cards so I tried to add more than I had planned! I figure Jake will get a kick out of looking at the pictures as he gets older, thinking that his Dad did that for him.)
The favors were fun to put together. I picked up buckets at iParty and personlized them with vinyl initials of each guest. We included Big League Chew (which I found much less expensive on Amazon by the case), Cracker Jacks, Red Sox M&Ms, bean bag baseballs, baseball cup and the helmet their cupcake came in.
Jake had asked me to make him a baseball frame when he saw the paper. I thought it might be fun to have all of his buddies sign the frame. Will be fun to look back on someday!
He was so excited to be the center of attention! 
Although, baseball was an odd theme in the middle of winter, I had a blast working with Jake on his first big friend party! I think he might just have been my most demanding client so far! :-)

ALL Moms have these items in 'their room', right?

I had to laugh to myself when Shauna had her 7 year old friend over after school last week. I was working on the computer and they walked into 'my room' (yes, I would love to call it my studio but it has come to be known as Mom's Room). You should have seen her eyes! She took in everything on every shelf and on the way out she couldn't help but touch the balloons. She looked at Shauna and asked "Did you see these balloons?" Shauna replied "Yep, what do you want for a snack?" It made me realize that maybe all moms don't have a room like me!
You never know when you might want to throw an ice cream party....or perhaps, have the best princess dessert table ever!
And can you not pick up the cool candy when you see it??
Garden parties? Little watering cans are a must have....especially when you see them on Pottery Barn have to grab at least 10 to keep in stock!
Balloons! Every family should have a balloon stash. I have to admit that Shauna has asked her Dad many a night to stop at the store on the way home and pick up balloons...since she was maybe 3. Now that she has access to them daily...she doesn't touch them!
I don't even need to explain this one....
Let me just tell you that this little collection came in handy when Jake was in pre-school. They had a Bug Field Trip and didn't have nets...I asked how many and what color...Jake was a star. He took in 12 nets for all the kids to use and take home! My husband did look at me and ask why I just happened to have that many bug nets just hanging around!
And these...can't really explain these...but they look fun, right?!
It's so funny when you realize your norm is not the same as everyone else's. And I wonder, do my kiddos walk into their friends' homes and wonder where all the props are?
SOON! Very, very soon......I will be a blogging fool!! Can't wait to share my new site with you!