Shauna's Cake Challenge

The Challenge of 2011 has been issued!

My daughter, Shauna, is a Food Network Junkie! For the last few years, if the television is on, that's what she's watching. She can name all of the shows, her favorite chefs (Bobby Flay & Rachel Ray) and all of the challenge winners!

Last year, her birthday theme was a Sweet Shoppe/Bakery! And she thought it would be a great idea for her Dad and I to have a cake decorating challenge.  The winner would have their cake displayed at her birthday party...the runner up's cake would be eaten the day before, her real birthday! 

How do you say no to a face like this?
So, I headed to ACMoore and picked up all the fun little fondant cutters and rollers...made four batches of marshmallow fondant and prepared for the challenge. 
 Shauna and Jake, our judges, sat on one side of the counter and whispered commentary while Scott and I played with fondant for the very first time!!!  
Wow...give me paper, glue and glitter any day!!! Playing with fondant is much harder than it looks!! 
As you can see, we used lots of fondant and I think we had a fear of rolling it too thin! But we had a of those fun family times you don't forget! 
I do believe that Scott won the competition but the kids allowed my cake to be presented at the party!! Yes, mine is the purple, green and pink one.

This year....Shauna has issued a competition with cupcakes! Yes, she loves Cupcake Wars on FN! She is actually trying to only give us one hour to bake and decorate...told her we might need a bit more! Competition is this Thursday, as her birthday is Friday!! 
Wish me luck!

Summer Party ~ S'mores Bar

One of my favorite parties to work on this past summer was my friend, Yvonne's, Summer Party for her sons, Bryton and Logan in Charlotte, NC! The intention was to catch fireflies...but as the time got closer, it was apparent that the frogs had done pretty well with that!  So what are boys to do.....
...of course, catch the frogs that catch the flies!  This is one of my favorite pictures that a guest, Di, took after going home. (yes, this is her backyard). I was initially going to make invitations for the party but after seeing these, from, with glow in the dark bugs...I knew I couldn't top that. 
 Yvonne painted signs with glow in the dark paint, set up a s'mores bar and an outdoor movie theatre for the boys, who brought their sleeping bags along with them for this outdoor adventure!  

 She had some of the mason jars filled with grass and glow sticks in them. One of my favorite things that Yvonne did was this drink container of bug/swamp water!! Can't you see the boys faces when they were getting drinks?!
The boys had a blast! And I do believe this has become an Annual Tradition!!! 

P.S. No frogs were hurt in this event....all were released to continue feasting on the flies!